Talk About Missing Your Flight!

We all have those unfortunate stories where we end up missing a flight. Whether you’re late for your connecting flight, got stuck in some pretty bad traffic or waited in a long check-in line, missing a flight can be a stressful yet funny story in retrospect.

However, when these two guys miss a flight, they REALLY miss a flight!

A man had been looking forward to his business class flights to london for months, as he was about to embark on a two-month backpacking tour of Europe with his best college friend. Ticket in hand, luggage in the car and some great tunes on the radio, he kissed his girlfriend good-bye and proceeded to pick up his friend. They were about to drive from Connecticut to NYC, where their flight was scheduled to leave later that night.

It wasn’t until the boys were at the international flight departure terminal at JFK airport that they suddenly realized that their original flight was leaving from Logan Airport.

In Boston, Massachusetts.

Needless to say, despite driving like maniacs up 95 North to Boston, the boys didn’t make it in time for their flight. In fact, since it was the last flight of the evening, the two couldn’t leave until the next day, and were forced to spend a great deal of their backpacking money on a room at the Airport Hilton.

What’s one lesson that every traveler can take away from this story? Always be sure that you’re actually headed to the right airport