Important Travel Tips

1) Don’t forget to take out travel insurance
2) Remember your password
3) Tell a friend/someone your can trust what your travel plans are should an emergency arise

Factors affecting private jet charter prices

For people who have busy schedules, private jets are becoming the preferred means of transportation. People who can afford a private jet are ready to pay any price to own a private jet. On the other hand, people who cannot own a private jet can hire from a private jet charter company. There are a large number of private jet charter companies that have established to offer services to a large number of people.

When people have to buy a private jet, price is the main consideration. There are several factors which affect large private jet charter prices. These are:

• The specifications of the aircraft- These include the age of the aircraft, the manufacturing date, the engine power and also the speed. A private jet is costly if it is a newly manufactured one with high speed and powerful engine.

• The safety status of the private jet- If the private jet complies with the safety standards that have been set at the international level and the status is verified by the appropriate council, the private jet will cost more.

• Maintenance costs- Private jets need to be maintained and checked on a regular basis. So, the maintenance charges add to the price of the aircraft.

The price of the private jet is also affected by expenses like acquisition expenses, the cost of managing the jet and also the cost of training and maintaining appropriate personnel and pilots for the private jets. All these add to the cost of the private jet.