Getting Wet in British Columbia, Canada

Once, when I was younger, my parents took me on my first trip out of the country. We went to British Columbia, Canada. The first leg of the trip was spent in Victoria, the capital of British Columbia, a
beautiful city modeled after an old English town, full of touristy touches like double-decker buses, fire jugglers, tour boats, and horse-drawn carriages.

We stayed at a motel with an excellent view of the busy, bustling harbor, and right next door to us was the Parliament Building. I’d never seen such a building before. It was tall, ornate, old-world,
and majestic, with a large dome over the top, and bristling with statues and intricate details. There was also a fountain out front. It was enchanting enough during the daytime, but at night, it was even better.

I persuaded my parents to take us out on a nighttime walk to the Parliament Building, since it was just next door. They obliged, and I was in awe. The building was covered in chains of brightly glowing
lights, with all its outlines lit brightly against the night sky. I was so taken aback by the stunning appearance of the building that I got up close to the front and started walking backwards, appreciating the amazing look of the building as I moved slowly away.

Apparently my parents were just as enthralled, because they didn’t bother to tell me that walking backward in the dark wasn’t such a good idea. Especially when there’s a fountain behind you.

I’d completely forgotten the fountain, even though it was lit up as well. As soon as I felt the fountain’s edge behind my legs, I was in trouble. I went over the edge backwards, headfirst, my legs flailing
in the air. I didn’t even know what hit me as I crawled, dripping wet, out of the fountain. Other tourists stared at me like I was some sort of swamp thing, and my parents stifled giggles as they hurried me
back to the hotel to dry off. Despite being soaked, I was in surprisingly good spirits! It was still a truly awesome trip.

So my advice? Whenever you’re admiring a beautiful sight, whatever it is, check behind you for hungry fountains. You never know where they’ll pop up!